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Spring Hill School is a licensed nonprofit school, which offers a morning preschool program and afternoon program of early care and education.  The School has been accredited by the National Association of the Education of Young Children since 1995. Spring Hill received an award of five (out of five) stars from the Vermont Step Ahead Recognition System. Since September 2002, Spring Hill School has been part of the Preschool Partnership with the Washington West Supervisory Union. 

The purpose of the Spring Hill School is to provide a high quality early education program for the families of the Mad River Valley, which fosters the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and creative development of each child through meaningful relationships and rich experiences. 

At Spring Hill School, children are seen as competent and powerful.  The teachers at Spring Hill School embrace "the rights of children" as expressed by the Reggio Emilia Approach.  It is believed that children have:

  • the right to a safe, beautiful, loving and stimulating environment
  • the right to experience everything with joy
  • the right to be listened to
  • the right to be understood
  • the right to play and experiment and to collaborate with others
  • the right to be researchers and to express their own theories, to solve and formulate their own problems

Children learn about their world by participating in in-depth projects.  Teachers share a sense of wonderment and discovery with the children as they explore theories and questions in a meaningful and dynamic context. Children learn through play.  "Child's play is the work that begins in delight and ends in wisdom" (old proverb). The curriculum emerges according to the interests and the needs of the children and/or teachers.  Children learn and represent their ideas in at least "100 Languages" (Reggio Emilia Approach), such as painting, dancing, building with blocks.

Caring, respect and sensitivity for oneself and others is modeled and nurtured.  Children are seen as connected to each other, their families and their teachers.  Individual differences and similarities are discussed and celebrated.

The classroom environment is regarded as the third teacher.  It is designed to be rich and inviting, comfortable and safe, aesthetically pleasing and stimulating.  It is set up in ways that encourage small groups of children to play together.  The outdoor environment serves as an extended classroom.

An ongoing dialogue is maintained with parents, who are respected as the child's foremost teachers.

The School is located on Spring Hill Road, off of the Joslin Hill Road in Waitsfield, Vermont.



Spring Hill School   63 Spring Hill Road   Waitsfield, VT 05673 | 802-496-2139